What is this challenge About?

This is a fun and intense challenge for completing the book Eloquent JavaScript in 10 Days! and for Each Chapter of the Book, you Have to make a blog post about your understanding of the Chapter.

The challenge starts on 5th December and ends on 15th December at 11:59 pm.

Welcome to Team Tanay EJS Challenge

Details for the Challenge

Submiting your Blogs

After you are done writing all the blogs of this challenge you can share the link to your blogging account in the #šŸ¤shareyourwork channel on the discord server and tag OM(om#5281 on discord) or Anjali (anjali#7418 on discord) the admins for this challenge to review your Blogs.

Please do not tag if you are done with just 1 or 5 or 18 blogs tag the admins only after completing all the blogs.


Q. How will this Challenge help me ?

A. Writing a blog after reading it will give you a better understanding of the chapter. When you explain to someone what you learn you understand it better this is just like the Feynman technique. Besides the other benefits would be better communication skills, more blogs will look very attractive on your portfolio as well when a recruiter goes through it.

Q. Where can i put my blogs?

A. You can host your blogs on sites like Hashnode, dev.to, and medium. You can also host it anywhere else.

Q. Where can i get the Book?

A. Check the 2nd link on the navbar above for the link to the book.


I want to reiterate few things here:

1. This challenge is not mandatory. Don't push yourself if you can't do it.

2. If you complete the challenge and fail in levelZero interviews, you will still not go to levelOne. This has nothing to do with neogcamp. This is a parallel random thing which just happened out of nowhere. Therefore, first complete your prep for levelOne and only then get into this.

3. I think it's impossible to complete it. So don't beat yourself if you can't do it. Take it in a stride that even if I fail in completing I would have finished few chapters.

The Team

The Man behind this challenge is Tanay Pratap , who will be giving away all the books and if you know about the prices it isn't a small amount. And the admins are OM a mechanical engineering student and , Anjali a BCOM Hons student who are also participating in the challenge as well as level-zero while taking care of their studies.

We are telling this thing to you just so you know. These people are just like you working to give you a better experience so in this challenge, don't cheat don't copy-paste synopsis in the blog for the sake of the book, and don't tag the admins for super obvious stuff which is already answered.

Make sure to have fun in this challenge, if you aren't what's the point? Don't stress yourself and Don't give up on your level zero assignments for this.

Happy Learning šŸ§